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“TTS Techno Total Solutions srl belongs to the typical small/medium Italian firm area; the dimension is perfect to guarantee the mentioned services to a wide range of customers. Ethics, honesty and respect are at the root of business decisions.”  

Quality is the base of the TTS brand and the basic requirement for global competitiveness. TTS is focused on the progress to be able to assure long lasting performance. We often develop innovative solutions in collaboration with our customers’ technical experts to get the best performances ever.
Bearings must support heavy loads and impact shocks, quick speed variations and rough accelerations and decelerations.
TTS makes huge design efforts daily to be able to provide long lasting bearings: the goal is the maximization of the performance and the reduction of costs.


Split rolling bearing:

Split bearings combine the two crucial elements of running cost-effective machinery: flexibility and reliability.
Flexibility because the split design allows access without the need to dismantle components related to the bearing.
Reliability because they are able to function in what might otherwise be thought of as 'problem' locations.

The key features of split bearings mean they will function effectively anywhere your designer has the imagination to incorporate them:

• the swivel cartridge accommodates angular misalignment
• the constantly concentric sealing offers superior protection
• only grease lubrication is needed for maintenance

This results in bearings that are able to withstand harsh working conditions while keeping downtime to a minimum. They are straightforward to retro-fit and can replace most spherical or bush bearings in rotational equipment. Increasingly, split bearings are specified at the design stage due to the significant reduction in maintenance downtime - and therefore greater return on investment – they represent.

Spiral rolling bearing:

Specialize in the design and manufacturing of bearings for strand guiding rolls. Every segment of a bow casting machine requires a different bearing design. Can provide all of these different bearing designs.
The main advantage of the spiral bushing bearings is that the roll jackets can be used many times. It is possible to remachine the roll mantle once it has been worn or bent due to the temperature influence. In this case the bearing seats also must be reworked. In this design, only the spiral outer bushings and not the complete bearings must be exchanged. All the other bearing parts can be used again. The reworking of the bearing seats is done in steps of 1 mm increase of diameter. For example, a bore of 105 mm is increased to 106 mm, and a spiral outer bushing with 1 mm greater diameter is installed.
This can be repeated to a diameter of 110 mm. The roller mantles can be reworked up to five times. This results in a substantial cost saving, especially since all other bearing parts may also be reused up to six times.

Water-cooled caster bearings:


In the down section of slab casters are rolls with proportionately larger roll diameters, Ofren a center support in form of a split and water-cooled bearing in used. These bearings are custom designed and these rolls are also mounted by one fixed and several floating bearings.





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