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“Our close cooperation with some of the most important manufacturers and end-users of the Steel industry in Iran, has enabled us to acquire specific know-how and competencies about the particular needs of the applications”  

Our offering, which aims to improve the manufacturing efficiency of the plant and its machinery of this industrial segment, covers a wide selection of components and added-value services.
We can prepare services and solutions to the upstream and downstream in oil & gas industry. We are aimed at helping Customers to obtain the maximum from their each well. Provide our customers superior quality at the best value for products and services in order to ensure our customers' continued satisfaction. 

Our main range include but not limited below:

  1. Rig packages: Land drilling rigs, and Workover rigs (Fast-moving rigs are available)

  2. Rig components: Crown block, Travelling block, Hook, Swivel, Rotary table, Drawwork, Driller's cabin, MCC/SCR house, MCC/VFD house, Top drive, etc

  3. Wellhead & Pressure control equipments: BOP, Diverter, Choke & Kill manifold, Pressure hoses, BOP closing unit, Casing & Tubing head, X-Mas tree, Valves, Spools and flanges, etc

  4. Solid control & Mud system equipments: Shale shaker, Desander, Desilter, Mud cleaner, Hopper, Centrifuge, Agitator, Mud tanks, Unions, etc

  5. Tubulars & Drilling strings: Drill pipe, HWDP, Drill collar, Kelly, Casing, Tubing, Pup joint, Sucker rod, Line pipes, etc

  6. Tubular handling tools: Elevator, Slip, Manual/Power tong, HPU, Bushing, Spinner, Bit breaker, Spider, Links, Stuibing guide, etc

  7. Downhole/Fishing tools: Drilling & Fishing jar, Stabilizers, Hole opener, Overshot, Drilling bit, etc

  8. Cement tools: Cement unit, Float collar, Float shoe, Liner hanger, Cement head, etc

  9. Others: Air winch, Drilling line, Safety equipments, Mud pump spare parts, Fittings, etc

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Narvand Faraz Industrial Group, Supplying wide range of products in electrical and mechanical fields lead us to be a great supplier in different industries, such as Steel, Cement, Steel and Metal, Oil and Gas, Mining, Cement, Power Plants.

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